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Beauty Elements Hawaii Day Spa, Spa
Beauty Elements Hawaii Day Spa, Spa, Izumi

Hawaii Top Celebrity Facialist / Beautician

In Japan, Izumi worked as a nurse in the field of orthopedics, internal medicine, and in the emergency room for over six years. While working with other nurses, she became aware that they were all being pushed to their limit on a daily basis and incurring very high levels of stress. Izumi began learning aromatherapy in combination with reflexology, and cared for the nurses with her relaxation techniques.
The beautician who has learned from a medical perspective learns to cultivate a unique approach to beauty- an approach that allows her client’s skin to heal from both physical and psychological aspects.
  One of her greatest passions in life is providing care for others.  Since her days as a registered nurse in Japan, Izumi’s goal was to combine her love for beauty along with her desire to educate people on how to care for their skin starting from the inside out.
After relocating to the United States in 2001, Izumi soon became interested in the concepts of “beauty” in America, including cosmetic surgery. After graduating at the top of her class from an Esthetics school in Honolulu, Hawaii, Izumi opened Miu’s Beauty Institute to continue her focus on developing her signature "Detox Facial” technique. Izumi continues to learn the latest advances and techniques in cosmetic surgery under the guidance of specialists while also maintaining her salon.  Izumi has continued sharing her techniques to the local communities in Hawaii and visitors from around the world.
Izumi aims to bring beauty to all of her clients, encompassing a concept of “Care” which reaches from the inside of our heart to the outside of our physical body.  The "Detox Facial” is the new facial of choice for women seeking healthier skin for a radiant and youthful appearance.  Deep beneath the surface of our skin are deposits of waste that build up on a daily basis, resulting in unwanted occurrences such as puffiness, breakouts, redness, premature aging and sagging skin, as well as many other undesirable effects. Izumi’s innovative "Detox Facial” technique eliminates waste deposits,  providing immediate and noticeable results, even in a single session. Izumi's creation of this technique was based on a deep knowledge of the human body cultivated through extensive study and experience in the medical field.
Starting on April 14, 2009, Izumi’s salon became known as “Beauty Elements.” 
The name “Beauty Elements” represents many meanings:  “Be”
Be Beautiful, Be Green, Be Kind, Be Humble.  Since opening in July of 2007, Beauty Elements has been featured in numerous beauty and fashion publications throughout Japan and the United States including ELLE, JJ, Domani, CREA & 25ans, and HI LUXURY.





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